Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snow Flurries in Hell!


We received snow for the first (and likely the only) time this year.  It did actually snow in March, but I tend to think of the year on a school calendar.  It snowed at school for about 2 hours today.  None of it accumulated but it was coming down fairly heavy for a little while.

Kylie Minogue - Let It Snow (Christmas in Rockefeller Center 11-30-10)


fan of casey said...

Joe: Looks like snow here too, in the tropics. But ours are at the top of the volcanoes, at 13,000 ft.

Anonymous said...

i remember a day in the winter just a few months after i'd moved to sc and was in 5th grade in a new school. i looked out the window and blurted out "it's snowing!"

the teacher shushed me, but i stuttered again "but but but it's snowing!" so every kids' eyes were now on the windows watching an occasional snowflake drift past the window.

the teacher panicked, and ran to the office. 20 minutes later we were dismissed for the day.

the storm resulted in 6 inches of snow. holy crap. you'd thought the sky had fallen. my sled, which the neighborhood kids thought was weird when we moved in 6 months earlier, was now the hottest item in the neighborhood.

good memories!
Peace <3

Mike, Studio city said...

Well, you could be here in Hollywood Ca. where it is going to be 75 degrees today. Saw you listed on GLBT blog about best blogs. Added you to faves. Mike Wilson, suffering in the heat in Studio City " )

JoeBlow said...

FOC: We rarely get snow here, especially this time of year.

Jay: It snows so rarely here that it is usually just a headache for us. This time it didn't stick, so it was just a fun novelty for the day. We didn't get out of school though.

Mike: Two days after it snowed, it was back in the 70s here. Now it's back in the 30s. It drives my sinuses crazy, thus the reason for taking so long to respond to comments. I'm glad you like the blog and hope you will continue to check in and comment.