Monday, October 3, 2011

LGBT Icons for Saturday, Oct. 1st - Tuesday, Oct. 4th

Kye Allums - October 1st

“I had to come out because it was too hard not being myself”

Kye Allums is the first openly transgender athlete to play NCAA Division 1 basketball. More


John Ashbery - October 2nd

“My poetry is disjunct, but then so is life.”

John Ashbery is one of the most successful American poets - winning almost every major literary award, including the Pulitzer Prize. More


Alison Bechdel - October 3rd

“The comic strip is about all kinds of things, not just gay and lesbian issues."

Alison Bechdel is a celebrated cartoonist and author of the long running comic strip Dykes To Watch Out For. More


John Berry - October 4th

“Each time we act against discrimination, we add a ring of life to the American tree of liberty.”

John Berry is the highest-ranking openly gay federal employee in U.S. history. More


silvereagle said...

All could be described as "common people" -- No one riding the white horse and carrying a torch through the city, but each together being a strong building block.

Thanks for the information.

becca said...

would i sound stupid if i said i do not know any of these people

JoeBlow said...

You're welcome, Silvereagle, you are right and that is what makes the GLBT community so extraordinary.

No, you wouldn't, Becca. I had only heard of John Berry (and even he I didn't exactly know his name, just known of him) before I did this post. Each October and throughout the month, I post the list of 31 Icons for LGBT History Month as chosen by Equality Forum. Some of their choices are well-known, others not so well-known, but each are individuals that I think we should know about.