Thursday, September 27, 2012


On Sean's blog, Just a Jeep Guy, he posted on Tuesday "TMI TUESDAY QUESTIONS: DRINK! DRINK! DRINK!"  And I decided that I would once again participate.  So here we go:


1.  Are you a cheap date?

I can be, it all depends on what I am drinking that night.  If its tequila, then yeah, I'm a cheap and easy date.  I tend to get very flirty and horny when drinking tequila.  To quote Shelly West in her song "Jose Cuervo":
Well its sunday morning
And the sun is shining in my
Eye that is open
And my head is spinning
Was the life of the party
I can't stop grinning
I had too much tequila last night
Jose Cuervo
You are a friend of mine
I like to drink you with
A little salt and lime
Did I kiss all the cowboys
Did I shoot out the lights
Did I dance on the bar
Did I start any fights
Now wait a minute
Things don't look to familiar
Who is the cowboy who's sleeping beside me
Well he's awful cute
But how'd I get his shirt on
I had too much tequila last night
2. What is your favorite drink? (you can have different ones for different occasions)

If I am going to be drinking for several hours, then it's beer, usual Bud Light Platinum (though those tend to get me drunk easier), Bid Light, or if I am being cheap, then it's Natural Light.  If I am cooking, then I like to drink wine, usually a nice Pinot Grigio. Sometimes though I am in the mood for liquor, and that is usually vodka (particularly Tito's Vodka) and cranberry juice.  My all time favorite alcoholic beverage is a chocolate martini, they go down so smooth but will hit you before you know it.

3. Worst experience?

I had been drinking in New Orleans a few years ago.  We had gone to the opera, and I had some wine.  Later after the opera, I started drinking vodka cranberries and was flirting with a guy in one of the gay bars. As we were flirting and unbeknownst to me, he stole my wallet.  It was not a good night.  I try tot to mix alcoholic beverages, because it makes me very drunk and sick.  I broke my rule.  Also, I'm not so sure that someone had not slipped something extra in my drink, because I was far drinker than I should have been.  It was not a good night.  Luckily, there was no money in my wallet, I had my cards reported stolen the next day, and my wallet was found and returned to me.  Apparently the guy who stole my wallet, got several blocks away and less than a block from the NOPD he had thrown my wallet in the bushes at a center for troubled teens.  The older gentleman who directed the place found my wallet on one of his walks around the campus, found my mother's number, called her and I went and picked up my wallet.  It was still a pain in the ass and a major embarrassment for me.  If you are ever in New Orleans, and you must carry your wallet, keep it in your front pocket.  This was the only time that I didn't just take cash, driver's license, and debit card with me in my front pocket in tight fitting jeans, and my wallet was stolen.

4. Beer goggles?

Good God, yes!  I went home with this one guy, the sex was fucking fantastic, but it was a one night stand and I never talked to him again.   I saw him a few times after that and could not believe how trashy he was.  Looks are not something that I really care about, I tend to look at personality, but white trash is one of my pet peeves.

5. What's the funniest thing you've done while drinking?

I tend to be a pretty funny guy when drinking, so there are several. Probably looking back, the funniest thing I can remember is waking up one morning in bed with one of my professors.  She knew I was gay and we were both clothed, and I have no idea how it happened, but it was pretty funny.

Ever drunk dial?

 Yes, and drunk texted. It never turned out that well.


Chris said...

Are you my long lost tequila twin? :) I tend to be the exact same way, although Jose I will only look at if we run out of Patron...

And vodka cranberries I cut myself off of after Thanksgiving 2010. Turned me into a blabbermouth in front of the wrong person, with repercussions reaching as far as my divorce. Vodka goggles, not for me anymore.

Coop said...

Vodka based drinks! Usually, with soda water & lemon. I'm not much of a beer drinker and I am not a fan of Bud Light. Keystone light was the cheap brew of choice in college. The first one was awful.

A vodka cranberry is called a cape codder. Sadly, I went to a wedding in Rye Beach New Hampshire and had to tell the 20 year old bar tender what it was. In California I'd order a vodka and cran. But in New England... I refuse. Yeah I'm an asshole LOL

Mike said...

Good answers!!! And for the professor... wow

Anonymous said...

I don't drink. I know, pretty boring, eh?

SEAN said...

1St rule of drinking - don't mix!

Great answers - fun and revealing!

Thanks for playing!