Friday, February 8, 2013

West Point Story

A beautiful photo of a West Point cadet escorting his boyfriend to a winter formal is making the blogosphere rounds.
The photo appears on the Facebook page of Knights Out, the West Point alumni support group for LGBT soldiers. The men in the photo were not named by the site.
"This, ladies and gentleman, is progress at an Academy in which we can be proud," the caption reads. "A member of the Academy's Spectrum group and his boyfriend at Yearling Winter Weekend last weekend."
As Towleroad points out, Yearlings are technically sophomores.


Writer said...

I love these photos, and I keep coming back to them. Specifically the first in the set. For some reason I've been focused on wrists a lot lately - and the young man in the tux, his wrists...well, for the lack of anything original to say...his wrists just do it for me. :)

Bob said...

I love this story.
I love that the times are a'changing.

silvereagle said...

Two handsome men, both smiling, both in love, and both open in their relationship. A fabulous set of photos!!! And a wonderful post!!!

Anonymous said...

I am stunned that the Army has come so far so fast!!! If only the Boy Scouts could catch up!

Peace <3

David Jeffreys said...

You know, I owned that place once! Well, truth be told, it was my 2 great grandfather, Stephen Moore, than owned West Point.

Will said...

These pictures are beautiful and deeply moving. How many men of my age never dreamed of seeing anything like this in our lifetimes!