Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Adventures in Gay

About a month ago, a newly out 25-year-old animator in NYC — "just a regular guy who happens to like other guys" — began "chronicling his adventures into the world of gay" on his Adventures in Gay Tumblr through comics.
I chose the above cartoons because I think we have probably all had these three conversations in the past, sometimes with a single person or with numerous people.  I read through all of them and if you are interested in starting from the beginning, you can follow this link which will take you to the first commons and then you can read them backwards: http://adventuresingay.tumblr.com/page/5.


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool! I'll have to check out the blog!

Peace <3

silvereagle said...

Yes! I am sure that many of the readers will relate to this carton series!!!

Anonymous said...

Great! Now I'm following him on Tumblr too.
Hope all is well with you!