Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hell Froze Over

Well, Alabama froze over, which sometimes is close enough to hell for me. It sure feels like it in the summer months. I had planned on writing more, but I usually write my posts the night before and I'm sleepy as I write this one. I might add to it later this morning.


  1. If it had been hell, it might not be as cold.....but the results would be the same...

  2. Stay warm! I have a tendency to get cold easy and have been freezing for the past week...LOL. We have snow and bitter cold here. And, school will be out again tomorrow. Wish I could stay home too! :)

  3. At least you're not in the news like Atlanta is!!!! OMG!!! What a clusterfuck! I'd have driven over those clowns!

    Too many !!! It's not much better here in bad weather, but at least we shut down more or less early.

    Peace <3