Saturday, September 13, 2014

Moment of Zen: Friends

Honestly, I almost didn't do a Moment of Zen this week.  For me, moments of zen are things that make me happy, things that having a calming effect.  There has not been much joy or calm this week.  Since Monday morning when I couldn't find HRH, then that afternoon, when it found her outside and had to rush her to the vet, I have done little but worry about her.  Then Thursday, I lost her.  It's been a very difficult and emotionally draining week. A week that will take a long time to get over.

Then I thought about all the comments and emails that I received from readers.  I thought of all the phone calls and texts from people who had found out that HRH passed.  I thought about the way my students and fellow faculty reacted with sorrow and hugs.  Yes, they may have often picked at me a bit about my cat, but they knew how much I cared for her.  Many of them have lost a pet as well.  It didn't make me any less sad, but the love and concern others showed made it a little easier to deal with yesterday.

I wanted to make another mention of a bright spot of the week.  I had written a review of Amy Lane's books, and sent her an email asking a question.  She responded so kindly and generously.  I also heard from quite a number of her fans Thursday, which was a bright spot in an otherwise dark day.  I have to admit though, Amy's books might not be the best to read when you're sad.  Yes, there is usually the happy ending to them, but there is a lot of angst along the way.  

Amy Lane knows how to pull at your heart strings.  She pulled at a particularly recent heart string yesterday as I was reading.  One of the characters in Making Promises, Shane Perkins who is an animal lover, said, "I'm sorry I was late.  I had to put down one of my cats."  I burst into tears.  I'd held myself together all day, but I couldn't contain it anymore. I couldn't read anymore either, especially since I was actually listening to the audiobook while driving.  It's not safe to have tears distort your vision while driving.  Then I decided to listen to a little more before bed.  If I was going to cry more, then I could do so alone.  I didn't though.  Shane described his older regal cat and how sick she had become.  Yes, it reminded me of HRH, but the tenderness of the story helped.  Like I said Thursday, Amy has a way of writing real characters with whom you can identify.

Thank you all for the love and support, the emails and comments, you helped make a difficult situtation better.


Anonymous said...

Excellent Zen. While friends can't make the hurt go away, they sure help pull you thru the difficult and sad times of your life. As I think back to the most challenging times of my life there was always a friend right by my side who I could lean on, encouraging me while I stumbled and struggled thru those tough times. I'm happy you've felt an outpouring of love, support and understanding this week. It's times like these that you see how many people love and care for you and how many people you've obviously touched someway in their lives.
Sending you my love, hugs & kisses,
Your friend,

Amanda said...

It's always nice to know that you have friends that care. ((Hugs))

Anonymous said...

Any time, my friend, any time!

Peace <3