Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Early To Bed...

Benjamin Franklin famously said in Poor Richard's Almanac "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."  Last night, I went to bed pretty early, and I always have to get up early for work each day.  I'm not so sure about the healthy or wise but I'm certain that it hasn't made me wealthy.  

Just as my shoulder began feeling better, my lower back began to hurt.  I've been having some back spasms.  Nothing too severe but it has limited my movements.  I've had back spasms much worse, but this has been a nagging pain off and on for a week.  So last night, I took some medicine that my doctor has prescribed in the past and went to bed early.

Hopefully, it will be better today.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful "pit"....perhaps my favorite part of
a man...Yum!

silvereagle said...

Muscle Spasms...when I have them in my leg, a spoonful of mustard or a swig of pickle juice works for the bedmate...a grrreeeeaaaattt choice as Tony the Tiger would say..

naturgesetz said...

Possibly the back pain is a result of stress from changes in posture while the shoulder hurt.

Anonymous said...

I'd go to bed early every night if he was in my bed. Cute pic

Jamie James said...

I hope so, too! And I know that when my "cartilidgless" shoulder hurts, the back, hips, and neck hurt, too.

I need to go to bed with a couple Aleve PMs.

Peace <3