Thursday, October 22, 2015


All of my life, I have lived in the Central Time Zone (CST), and while,it's only an hour difference, I'm finding it hard to adjust to the Eastern Time Zone (EST).  Before I started work, it didn't bother me as much because I didn't have a certain time I had to wake up, but since I started work, I'm getting only about 6 hours of sleep at night.
You see, in the CST, prime time television ran from 7-10 pm, but in the EST, prime time television runs from 8-11 pm. I'm used to going to bed around 11 pm, but now it's more like 12 when I can turn off the lights and settle down.  No matter what time I go to bed in a time zone, I still like to get up at 6:30 am in order to get ready for work.  Honestly, I really need 7 hours of sleep but prefer a good eight hours. Having my morning coffee isn't really helping keep me awake all day long.
So far the time difference is the only drawback I've found, and I know it is something I will get used to.  It is an adjustment though, but I wouldn't trade my new life for anything. I love my job and the people I work with.  The daily eye candy surrounding me on campus is well worth it, even if the job wasn't, all the cute guys would be. However, the job is completely worth it and the eye candy is just a nice bonus.


silvereagle said...

"Would trade my new life" or "would NOT trade my new life?.....time zone problem young man!

Joe said...

My main point is that the time difference is the only thing that comes close to bothering me and it's pretty insignificant. I love my new job, I love my new location, I love my apartment, etc. The time difference is just an adjustment that will come with time. In a way the same can be said about the weather.

Michael Dodd said...

"Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care ... about time?"

What time is it? Now.
What time is it? A good time.
What time is it? The right time.
What time is it? Joe's time to shine!

Susan said...

Getting up early for work can be difficult for anyone who consistently goes to bed at midnight. Hopefully your sense of well-being will smooth out some in a week when we get that extra hour back by moving off Eastern Daylight Time and onto Eastern Standard Time on November 1st. And yay for eye candy. :)

JiEL said...


Such a small time lag and you'll get use to it soon...

A suggestion could be to record your favorite shows that are too late.
Since I have a numeric recorder from my cable provider, I record ALL my favorite shows and look to them after in time I CHOOSE to.
The main advantage is that I can SKIP the commercials and a one hour show is just reduced to 40 minutes.

I can only tell you to be patient and you'll get used to your new daily schedule.


PS.- Last Wednesday, I met a nice 35yo man. A Morrocan but was living in Paris.
Now in Montreal since 4 years.
He's special, a bit effeminate but with such a huge heart.

Amanda said...

I'm glad that the job is working out and the eye candy is a bonus! I didn't realize that you lived in central time in AL. Hopefully your body will catch up to the time change and you can get some good sleep soon. :)

Coop said...

Do you have "On Demand" (that's what Comcast calls their feature that allows you to watch shows when you want)? There's plenty of other options like Netflix and Hulu.

I've been known to pause a show and finish it the next morning if I'm watching the inside of my eyelids.

naturgesetz said...

I hadn't thought of that as a problem. Others have suggested the sort of thing I would have: record the 10:00 shows for viewing next day.

Alternatively, you could stop watching those shows. I used to watch lots of TV, but bit by bit I got away from the sitcoms and PBS dramas, then the game shows and C-SPAN. Now, all I watch are Red Sox Games (and some baseball post-season) and the occasional special event, like the Pope in the U.S., candidate debates, State of the Union. Life is good without the drivel.