Thursday, October 1, 2015

Moving Preparations

I've been getting things packed this week and ready to move.  I found an apartment and put down a security deposit.  It's a cute two story 1850s house split into four apartments.  It has beautiful hardwood floors, and I was lucky to find one in which all utilities are included.  It's a one bedroom apartment but has a good sized living room and kitchen.  I've only seen it in pictures, but I know it's the one I want.  It's in an excellent neighborhood and the price is good.  It's within walking distance of the museum, and on the same road if I choose to drive.  And when friends and family come to visit, there is a bed and breakfast located conveniently next door.  

Now that I have found a place to live, it's all about the packing.  Since I don't want to rent and drive a moving van and tow my car up there, I have decided to take as little as possible.  My parents had originally planned on going with me, but the timeframe changed and they will come up in a few weeks.  They will bring any nonessentials with them when they come.  I will pack clothes, a few appliances/electronics (tv, microwave, a few lamps, etc. that I will need), dishes, pots, and pans, some linens, books, and DVDs.  I have the furniture I want already picked out and ready to be delivered once I have possession of the apartment and an address.  Also, this way, I can buy what I need now and get the pieces I want later to add to the furnishings.  I do wish I could pack the guy sitting in the car in the above picture in my car.  He'd make a nice decoration for my new apartment.

So next week, I will be packing my car and getting ready to leave Wednesday morning to make the drive to Vermont over a couple of days.  I know I will stop and visit a friend of mine at Virginia Tech and spend the night there on Wednesday night.  I plan to spend a night somewhere on Thursday night maybe somewhere close to the New York-Vermont border (any suggestions) and then drive the rest Friday morning and get the keys and move into my new home.

So right now, that's the plan.  God willing, I will be in my new home on October 9.  So far, God has been pretty willing, I pray he continues to be and this is a smooth transition to a new home.


Michael Dodd said...

Wow! It is actually happening pretty fast now, isn't it? Enjoy your drive up there. The foliage should be beginning to look beautiful. As colorful and bright as we all hope your future will be.

Maybe when you arrive, you will find a decorative guy to make things warm and cozy.

silvereagle said...

Wagons Ho!!! Not to the West, mind you, but to the North!!! Giddayup!!!

Susan said...

Finding a great place to live must have taken a huge burden off your shoulders. The stress of not only moving but needing to move soon sounded unbearable, and yet, you conquered this obstacle easily. I'm not sure you've realized your true career calling, Joe. What you may be is a troubleshooter for hire!

Glad you are not heading out until after the forecasted hurricane heading up the East Coast over the weekend passes through.

JiEL said...

Nice to hear that you found a cosy place to live in and most of all close to the museum.
I've always think that being near your work place is a plus.

Will you be able to post here as often as you can?

If not, don't bother, we'll be waiting to have news from you anytime.

Knowing how you must be busy packing and driving to your new home I'm sur you need time to do it without bothering on us here...

BTW, in my entire life, including with my parents I've moved 21 times.. So moving is part of my life for 60years..

Enjoy it, enjoy the trill of getting a real new life with, I'm sure, a better atmosphere of work and friendship.

Greetings from your near soon Montreal friend.

mistress maddie said...

I'm not even going and this is exciting! Now I know I'm a newer reader, and from some past posts, do you have a boyfriend, or am a mixed up? From past posts I thought you mentioned one. If so, how is this affecting things or will he go with you to? Long distance?

Amanda said...

So exciting! I wish you safe travels and hope it's a pretty one. I'm glad you found a place already because that makes it so much easier. One thing I always liked about moving (other than going somewhere new) was it forced me to go through all my stuff and declutter. Be safe and enjoy the journey.

Marsha said...

I'm so excited for you!!