Friday, April 15, 2016

Blue v. Gray

I mentioned to my coworkers that I was trying to decide between the blue or the gray suit. One of them said I should definitely wear the blue because with my accent I might get dirty looks wearing gray (though my suit is darker than Confederate gray, it was funny nonetheless).  So the blue suit it is, though I am going to wear the blue shirt with checkered tie instead of the white shirt and the striped tie. Hopefully, I will look nice enough to impress tonight. For the ceremony we are attending (it's actually work and not all play), I will be seated at the front with other special guests. I'm not sure who the special guests will be other than me, one of my colleagues, and the wife of the speaker, but there will be two tables for special guests and I assume my colleague and I will be at the same table, at least I hope we will be. At least we aren't being seated at the head table.

Because I will be working late into the night tonight, I won't be going in until 1pm, so I do get to sleep late and I will have more time to get ready. I'll take my suit with me and change once the museum closes for the day. We will have about an hour to get ready and then be at the parade grounds for the beginning of the ceremony. I'll have my equipment set up as soon as I go in today to record the interviews and then all should be set.  Wish me luck and let's hope that everything goes well.


Susan said...

I do wish you good luck tonight, Joe. And your suit, shirt, and tie combo definitely have you dressed to impress. Have a wonderful time. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to have an upbeat post. Hope that all goes well. The blue suit is the right choice. Let your readers have a full report. You write so well.

The Academic

Michael Dodd said...

I did not think of the Confederate connection either, probably because your gray suit is, as you noted, a darker shade than that traditionally associated with the CSA. I like gray suits, BTW, and had a nice one in my clerical days. People told me when I wore my gray suit and collar, though, they thought I was an Episcopal priest and not Roman. One of the advantages of being the kind of priest who wore brown friar robes most of the time, I seldom had to ponder what to wear to formal or semi-formal occasions. The only question was -- shoes or sandals? Oh, and did it require the large white mantle that went along with the outfit.

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well.