Thursday, April 14, 2016

This and That

Well, my visit to the dentist went well. I had some pain once the numbness wore off but not too bad. Also, the tooth looks great. I was expecting an ugly amalgam (silver) filling but he did a composite filling to make it look like there was no filling at all. I wonder how my insurance will react to that. When I looked at my policy, they cover composite fillings only for anterior teeth and this was my far back tooth. He didn't ask and I didn't mention it because I've never had a dentist do a composite filling on a back tooth before. I trust this dentist knew what he was doing, since I'm sure he deals with my insurance company the most. I do work for the town's largest employer. I will worry about that when the bill comes.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions about Montreal. While this will be a one day trip, I plan to come up by myself and at least spend the weekend at another time. I've been waiting for winter to be over before I did too much traveling.

I've gotten better about driving. Since my friend died in an auto accident, I've had several panic attacks while driving, but that has slowly gotten better. When I drove to Massachusetts and Connecticut for work, I did just fine, so I'm hoping that's one side effect of that awful tragedy that is getting better. I think it also helps that I am on an anti-anxiety medication.

Friday night, I have a special dinner to attend. It is one in which I am required to wear a suit and I can't decide which one I should wear: the gray one or the blue one. I'm leaning more towards the gray, but I also like the blue. Which would you pick?


Michael Dodd said...

1) On the filling, it has been years since any dentist I have used has even offered me amalgam fillings. Amalgam is the least expensive material -- no doubt the reason the insurance company may prefer it -- but there are some health concerns about mercury content, for example. This does not mean, however, that your insurance will work for you in this case. Hope it does!

2) On the suit, I lean toward the blue because (a) you imply it is still "winter" and (b) if this is your "first appearance" before this group in this setting, blue is more conservative. I have confidence, however, that you will look fine in either one and that all will go well. Dazzle them with your new smile and charm them with your wit, and no one will notice the color of your suit.

Anonymous said...

I would also vote for the Blue. Conservative is better for a first impression. Look at what the rest ore wearing and adjust for the future. Concerning your dentist; our dental group doesn't use amalgam because of the concerns with mercury and other garbage that may be in the amalgam. Gerry H.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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mistress maddie said...

Glad to hear all went well! I say go with the blue as well. Blue is also a welcoming color, and if your eye turn out to be blue...they'll pop!

Anonymous said...

My dentist told me they were getting away from the amalgam fillings totally. The new type seem to adhere better and do not start cracking from age as easily as the old ones did.

I'd vote grey but you really can't go wrong on the suits!!

Here's my idea: Wear the one you feel looks best on you and makes you most confident!!

Chattanooga, TN