Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Dozen Observations

1. Lester Holt lost all control.
2. Why did Donald keep sniffling his nose like a coke addict?
3. Hillary wasn't as smooth with her answers as she should be but neither was Donald.
4. Donald looked like an ass.
5. Why did Donald think it's a good idea to argue with Lester?
6. How can Donald Trump talk about law and order when he can't even follow the rules of the debate?
7. Hillary blew him out of the water on the law and order issue.
8. Donald Trump did better the first 10-15 minutes, but he fell to her bait. She killed it through the debate.
9. Hillary got in a few good zingers. Donald did not.
10. She looked so much more presidential.
11. "She's Got Experience" should be the headline today. (It wouldn't be the first time the media used half a quote).
12. Hillary won that debate hands down.

And because politics can leave a bad taste in your mouth, let's have a look at Hillary's nephew, Tyler Clinton:


Susan said...

All good points, Joe. HC was the absolute best I have seen her and I watch her speak as often as possible. The split-screen comparison was a revelation. DT simply cannot control what comes out of his mouth or his facial ticks, and he ends up looking like the buffoon that he is. And thankfully, the media is now realizing they have the responsibility to do regular and extensive public fact-checking on all DT's lies. In all ways, HC never "looked" more Presidential.

JiEL said...

From this north side of the border, we are so please that HC did win the debate and she was so calm and hit DT in his lies so much.

DT wasn't well prepared and his talking about HIM, HIM, HIM as a business man with successes was showing that he was a failier and HC did mention how he wasn't paying his workers.
More, TD says at large that he is for law and order BUT doesn't hesitate to use the law to make bad business.
It was obvious that DT wasn't prepared enough and that he was counting on his personality and empty facts that he always put in front easily without substance.

For is sniffing, as usual, he isn't responsable: he said he had a bad microphone. LOL!!

HC had her flaws but must admit that she's more experienced to get in office.
As I often said to my students:" who did never work, did never make mistakes."

Score: DT-2, HC-8

nikki said...


Anonymous said...

obvious to even a 5 year old was that Trump had a cold. The commentators even made note of that. what a stupid comment to make.

Joe said...

The comment should have been taken as a joke like it was intended. Trump had criticized Clinton for being sick. How ironic that he was sick for the debate!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Judge not. Just love them both and stop hating, or am I stepping on toes by revealing your double-standard?