Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Friend's Birthday

He would have been a year older today. My daddy always jokes that, "A year older is better than the alternative." Today, that is no laughing matter. I'd give anything to have my friend back. He was like a brother to me, and I could tell him anything. He may have been younger than me, but he was wise beyond his years. I could always turn to him for advice. I have felt so much sadness for the loss of a friend. I have felt lost without him. He would have been one year older today, but instead he is in Paradise, and while we may mourn, he can look down on us and smile.

Last year at this time I was struggling financially without a job and not knowing when the money would run out. I couldn't afford to buy him a birthday gift. I could only get him a card. Even though he was just as happy with only a card, I'd told him I'd make it up to him at Christmas. Of course, I never had that opportunity.

He was always so kind and giving to me that I hated that I couldn't do so in return.
I'm just glad that I had him as a friend and could give him the kind of love he deserved.


Michael Dodd said...


BosGuy said...

I remember your posts about your friend's tragic passing, and I'm sorry for your loss. I can relate. I will be posting my annual tribute to my good friend who died on 9/11 in just a few days time.

Anonymous said...

You're giving in return by cherishing the memories....

Mr. Carpenter said...

Oh, Professor, such a heart ache.
I can only offer this poem by Paul Fleming (translated from the German):

Let nothing ever grieve thee, distress thee, nor fret thee;
Heed God’s good will, my soul, be still, compose thee.
Why brood all day in sorrow?
Tomorrow will bring thee God’s help benign and grace sublime in mercy.
Be true in all endeavor and ever ply bravely;
What God decrees brings joy and peace, He’ll stay thee.

And here it is in Brahms' sublime setting: