Thursday, September 29, 2016


I'm not talking about the precipitation either. I made a remark to a friend of mine that most of the men I've met in Vermont are flakes. His response was that they were snowflakes. Maybe one of these days, I'll find a guy who isn't a total snowflake, I have a prospect or two but for the rest, the verdict is still out.

Speaking of verdicts being out, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was tried yesterday by the Alabama Court of the Judiciary for ethics violations. You see Moore ordered probate judges to not issue same sex marriage licenses because he believed that Alabama law was more important than a Supreme Court decision. The verdict will be handed down within the next ten days.

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Michael Dodd said...

Well, snowflakes are said to be unique. Which means at least one of them must be just about right. Here's hoping!

I have lived in many parts of the country -- south, Midwest, east coast, New England -- and when I first moved to a new place, people all seemed a little ... off? But after a while I discovered that they had become nicer, smarter and cuter. I assume it was my good role modelling that helped them improve. ;-)