Monday, September 12, 2016

Vermont Pride

Yesterday, I went to Vermont Pride in Burlington. There wasn't much to it. The parade itself lasted about 20 minutes. There were a fair number of booths at the festival but not much to them either. "Northern Decadence," which was $5 to get into, was merely a few breweries and cideries giving tastes of their wares and then Ben & Jerry's was giving away ice cream. I had expected food to be part of it as well. I did get carded though to get in, but then these two much older ladies behind me got carded too, so I'm guessing they carded everyone to get in to Northern Decadence.

It was nice that a lot of the political candidates were in the parade, not something that anyone would dream of doing in Alabama. I had a good time overall, even if it seemed to be mostly lesbians and dogs at the parade and festival. There were a few cute guys, just a small percent of the people there. I think kids outnumbered the gay guys there.

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JiEL said...

At least, it was much much better than what you could see in Alabama....

Next year, in August, you must come to Montreal for our Gay Pride.
It's a one week of all kind of festivities and the big parade with more than 30 000 people participating. AND not only lesbians but ALL kind of people, even straights.
Very popular event.

BTW, I can see many «cuties» in your photo.