Wednesday, October 5, 2016


I had a headache that started just before the VP debate last night. Watching the debate made it worse. I hate hearing people talk ove one another. I really like Tim Kaine, but I did not like his interruptions. However, I did not like anything that Mike Pence had to say, except when he agreed with Kaine. Pence is a failed governor and he needs to be a failed VP candidate.

The moderator did a good job of chastising the candidates when they needed it and of calling out the candidates (Pence, especially) in not answering her question.

Overall, I think Kaine came out on top. Each candidate had a job to do: Kaine was to do no harm and Pence was to defend Trump. Kaine did his job. Pence failed in his.


Susan said...

Being a Hillary/Kaine supporter, I am biased, and therefore was surprised and disappointed in the number of times Tim felt the need to interrupt Pence in his answers. As eager as I'm sure he was "to set the record straight," I felt he should have waited—at least in the early questioning—until it was time for his response. He behaved as if he didn't think he would get a chance to comment if he didn't butt in.

Without that being an issue, I feel TK showed Pence's inability to defend any of DT's outlandish remarks over the course of the campaign to the point of Pence constantly remarking, "he never said that" over and over. I'm sure social media will point out the error of his ways in today's news cycle many times. Their final discussion on religious beliefs was perhaps the calmest and most illuminating of their differences with Pence pushing for the pro-life agenda while Tim kept asking him, "why can't you trust a woman to make her own decision?" Very emotional and heartfelt on both sides.

Overall I think Kaine did a good job keeping focused on Hillary's policies and striving to show the differences between them and whatever Trump might have said on the same subject. Pence, on the other hand, seemed content when he wasn't throwing out outright lies about the Clinton campaign to set himself up as the GOP conservative candidate for 2020.

Onto Sunday night and the Presidential debate #2!

Anonymous said...

Politics gives me a headache. Over here in the UK I've been quite enjoying following the debates but I suspect you are getting to overload.