Monday, October 10, 2016

Work and Politics

I'm working today, but I leave tomorrow for a week long conference. I'm looking forward to the conference but not the flight. I hate flying. It scares me to death. It's also going to be a long flight, because I am flying to California. I've never been to California before, so I'm excited to be going. I wish this wasn't a trip that I am going on alone, but I will make the best of it.  I will be in Long Beach, California. If any of my followers are in that area, I'd love to try and schedule a time for a drink or something.

By the way, I watched the debate last night. Donald Trump is really hard to stomach and difficult to listen to. He's such a despicable person. I honestly can't understand how we got to the point where Donald Trump can be a legitimate candidate for a major party. Hillary came across as classy. Donald Trump came across as a petulant child. The second debate was one of the most painful things I've ever watched.


Michael Dodd said...

Have a great trip. Should your business ever bring you to Madison, Wisconsin, be sure to let me know!

JiEL said...
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JiEL said...

As a Canadian, your kind of debates are quite surprising and in some point rediculous.
It's like a reality show where superficial subjects are spoken of without offering real policies or solutions to USA people issues.

There are more personal attacks and, by the way, Trump attacking Bill Clinton's past is so pitiful. He reacts like a spoiled child.
It's also obvious that he knows NOTHING about foreign affairs and is way far from being able to be a real president.
Hillary Clinton has very much more experience having done so much as she said.
She maybe not succeeded in all her international trips and meetings but she has more the competency to be president.

The funniest time is when Trump did talk badly about our Canadian Health Care: he is again talking without knowing. For sure, our system isn't perfect but it's for ALL Canadians and we don't have to declare bankrupcy to have surgery or health care. Yes, as he said, some of us has to go to USA for some treatments but it's mostly because you have more advance cures in some specific fields of medical research.
While visiting my friends in USA (Delaware), I was said that I was lucky to live in Canada for that point of being protected by our Health Care system.

I cannot believe that in a over 300 million people living in USA you aren't able to pick better candidates for your only TWO national parties.
Even Clinton isn't perfect and has many flaws in her life.
But she did many good things for children and women too...

Also, in the news, they've tell us about the right to vote for many black people that was denied by Republicans in power. Now, Supreme Court ruled against that and even then, it's not sure that you black people in some regions will be able to vote.

It's so unbelievable that in 2016 you still segregate some of USA people. The reason that was in front was the «possible fraud» done in the election by black people. That's so non sense when you had in the past a fraud in Florida election done by so «white» people...

USA a land of contradictions and to me, NOT a Land of Liberty at all. At least not for blacks, latinos or gays.

Mike said...

I'm about an hour from Long Beach. Let's make plans. Will email you.