Thursday, March 16, 2017

Only in Alabama

Beauty and the Beast has a gay scene in it. If you didn't know this by now, what rock have you been under? The thing is, an Alabama drive-in theater, the Henagar Drive-In Theater, refused to show the movie because of its gay scene. Tragic as that is, this story has a funny ending. The owner replaced Beauty and the Beast with a film called Fierce because, based on the film’s poster, she thought it was a Game of Thrones style film about dragons. By the way, Game of Thrones has many gay scenes, but that's beside the point because Fierce is about drag queens. She replaced a movie that had a small gay scene with an explicitly gay movie. What a dumbass!
Henagar is not a place where I have been nor is it a place I'd visit. It's up on Sand Mountain. Those people are bat-shit crazy. That's where the snake handling churches are. If you don't know about snake handling churches, these churches release venomous snakes into the congregation and only the holy won't be bit. There also used to be a sign as you went up the mountain that told black people not to be caught on the mountain after dark, implying they'd never leave alive if they did. These are seriously fucked up people.


MJJM said...

Everybody who thinks black people are dangerous should just move to "snowy" Vermont or New Hampshire.

JiEL said...

Seems to me that there are many threats in each USA states that are going to discourage us, Canadians, to go and visit you.

Since «Trumpty Dumpty» is in office your country is more and more a HATE country than a country of LIBERTY and ACCEPTANCE.

No tolerant for those who aren't «white-healthy-wealthy-christian-none immigrant» people.

Seeing on TV the latest news about the Obama Care replace & repeal, I'll never understand why a so «suppositivly» advanced country that spends gazillion of $$$$ on space science and military stuffs and other silly expenses, cannot afford to put in place a «universal health care» for ALL its population.
All I hear on the news is: "How much will my insurance health care will cost me?"...

Come on, stop enriching those private insurance companies and give your people a REAL NATIONAL health care to ALL Americans.
Cut those companies making BIG money on poor people that, anyway, will have to pay thousands of $$$$ for the fees and deductables.

Proud to live in a country that is there for ITS population.
God bless Canada