Monday, May 22, 2017

Alone at Work

For most of this week, I will be alone at work. Because of a screw up in HR, most everyone is taking off this week because they'd lose their time otherwise. Because I am paid through a different program, this didn't affect me. I still have all my vacation time. So while everyone enjoys a week off, I will be holding down the fort. We do have one part-time employee that the HR error didn't affect. She may be in some of the week, but she might be working out of the office too. Even so, most of the week, I will have the office to myself. I have a few minor projects to work on, but nothing to keep me busy the whole week. I will definitely be doing some reading while everyone is gone.


mistress maddie said...

perhaps that young chap there can come lie on the floor just like that for you.

BosGuy said...

Enjoy the quiet time and long lunches. Sometimes it can be nice to have the place to yourself.

Richard said...

You won't be "reading", you'll be doing "research" :)