Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the Fourth

May the Fourth be with you. It's Star Wars Day.

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JiEL said...

With all is going on in USA with Trumpty Dumpty signing his «religious freedom act» I'm very surprised that you don't react to this future hateful rights for religion to interfere in politics.

Here is what I wrote on another blog where he is concern about this sad news.

-Will USA become like many Muslims countries that are ruled by religious leaders and imposing their OLD faith thinking to modern life of their people. Just see what is going on with the «Sharia law» where women and gays are punished so crualy for just anything not according to the Sharia law. In USA there is already, in some Bible belt states, enough issues for LGBT to be able to live freely their lives. Also, their big influence on USA politic is already too big as the NRA is ruling now and more with this narrow minded administration.. BAD, BAD news for many Americans here...
- Just saw «HIM» in his speech in the Rose Garden and I was so surprised of what it was about. Yes for freedom of religion in any countries like here in Canada BUT mixing religion and politics is VERY dangerous. Don't USA see how bad it is in Muslims countries where religion IS the law and politic power? As I read on some gay sites, that is a real threat to LGBT rights because most religion forbid gay rights to live their lives freely. This is BAD, BAD as "HE" often say...

Remember, hat your president and his narrow minded administration seems not to be doing, remember when Jews and homosexuals were exterminated by thousands, because of ONE fool and his ideology.
Not so far in your past history you were hanging people on trees without any trial and worst, many gays killed by bully guys after they've been bashed.

Also, USA are going against the Muslims countries where the Sharia law is killing gay guys and forbidding women of their freedom. Why is USA going back on the same path allowing religion to interfere in politics.

Is this the kind of country you want to live in?