Thursday, June 1, 2017


I was tired last night and wasted the evening watching the latest season of House of Cards on Netflix. If you have Netflix and you haven't watched House of Cards, you really should. It's a great show. Anyway, because I was tired and watched House of Cards, there isn't much of a blog post today. Maybe more tomorrow.

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JiEL said...


I'd be in bed ASAP with that cuty laying there waiting for me....
Just the kind of guy I love..

For what to say tomorrow, just wait to see if «Trumpty Dumpty» will withdraw USA from the Paris Accord on Climate Changes.

THAT should give you a BIG subject to write on.
USA are the second biggest polluter on the planet and by getting out of that historical accord will more jeopardise the most vital issue of ALL the planet.

As a Canadian, I'm very afraid of "HIS" decisions because YOUR pollution, air and water, are coming straight our way.

As "HE" is isolating more and more USA by removing USA from the Pacific Trade Pact and reconsidering the NAFTA accords, USA are going to go into 4 years of very, very, BAD times.

What is to be seen, in that future, is ALL other countries will do the best, WITHOUT USA. USA will then be going on with a 19th century economic way of living and will be alone with those ancient theories and practice.

The rest of the world will go ahead while USA will remain alone.
The Trumpty Dumpty promises to «Make America Great Again» and promoting «God Jobs» for Americans will NEVER come thru because those jobs aren't based on the «New World Economy» going on new energies and new technologies putting ALL the world together.

YOP! Isolating USA will «Make America Weaker» again, and again for next 4 years and more, IF it will not be too late after that.

This is so «unbelievable» for a nation based on Christian values that are supposed to be based on LOVE, HOPE and CHARITY.

GOD has to be merciful for USA to be so mean toward all the planet.