Thursday, March 8, 2018

Getting It Done

I got a lot done yesterday. I applied to two jobs, and I got two oral histories edited. I’m feeling very accomplished. Now I just have to get to work tomorrow. With this nor’easter we haven’t had much wind but we are expecting lots of snow. I will see in the morning how much actually accumulated and if I can get my car out without too much trouble. We shall see.


JiEL said...

There is no problem to drive a car in winter when you put «snow tires» under it.

Here in Province de Québec the law oblige us to put snow tires from Dec. 15th to April 15th.
But as for few years now we're having snow earlier, those dates will change next year to put snow tires on Dec, 1st.

What also help to drive on snow roads is having a front traction car.

Enjoy all joy winter can bring to you.
Just think of the joy to NOT having those nasty mosquitos around you... LOL!

Dave R said...

Oh, I see one of the neighbor boys stopped to help you shovel out.