Thursday, March 29, 2018


I’m on my way out the door in my current job. When I took the job, no one actually told me it was only a three year stint. Once I found out that it was only a temporary job, I was told it would be made permanent. This has turned out not to be the case. My job will come to an end in October 2018. I have a mere seven months to finish my project. In the meantime, I’m also looking for a new job. Most of the jobs I’ve applied for would have me leaving before the October deadline, which is all right with me. I don’t really have a sense of loyalty where I currently work, especially after the lies that were told to me. Looking for a new job, is almost a full time job in itself. I knew that from the last time I was on the job hunt. I have faith though that something will come along.


Anonymous said...

You will find something better. I am in a similar situation. I have worked for a state legislator for the last two years. He is not seeking reeelction. So, I am searching for another job as well.

Dave R said...

There are quite a lot of people out there who fail to realize that loyalty is earned. Good for You.