Friday, March 9, 2018


Thank goodness, it’s Friday, and I have a three day weekend. Next week is spring break, so we get Monday off. I wish we got the whole week, but that’s not how the university works. I still have lots of work to do that can’t wait. Oral history after oral history has to be edited. I will be glad when the editing process is finished. This weekend will be largely a lazy weekend. I have no plans whatsoever. I have no plans for Monday either except to sleep in. What are your plans this weekend?


Anonymous said...

Reply to your question: Work very hard at my writing. Go for long walks. Roderick

Dave R said...

I work, don't have day off until next Wednesday.

Dillon said...

I’m rebuilding a transmission in a Nissan Pathfinder then cleaning up and throwing some beer on ice and steaks on the grill.