Thursday, May 10, 2018


The school I have an interview with on Friday spent the afternoon calling my references. One of the questions they asked was “Would I wear a uniform?” The faculty at this school wears uniforms on a daily basis and has a military rank. I’d be either a captain or major. It all goes with working for a military school. Furthermore, they told each of my references how impressed they were with my application and resume.


JiEL said...

That is a good news for you.

When I was looking forward to go and teach in a private high school in 1984, I learned after being hired that they did ask many people in my surrounding who I was too.

That did the difference with my interview and the other teacher on the panel.
My experience in many fields as an fine art teacher and renowned artist made the difference.
I did teach fine art in that private school for 17 years.

Be confident and, the most interesting, is to be among nice military gents.
My eldest son once joined the Kingston military university and, my god, those young men are so HOT in uniforms.
Kingston's military university is the Canadian's West Point and are in friendly competition in sports with them.

To me, all this looks very good to you to have that nice job.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Major Joseph, but don't count your chickens before they are hatched! Roderick