Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Kept Us Running

My coworker and I flew down to Washington, D.C. yesterday to pick up some objects for the museum. Well, the ordeal began when we went to pick up our rental car and the rental car agency refused to give it to us. Long, complicated story and reason. It took calling the university’s CFO to get the matter straightened out. It was a two hour long nightmare. Then we tried to go to a few museums before meeting up with the person with the objects, but were largely unsuccessful because the guy decided to meet us early. We packed the stuff and loaded the van, another two hours. Then, we head out of D.C. Another nightmare. Traffic was at a standstill. We were averaging one mile an hour. We were supposed to make it to Wilmington, Delaware, but we only made it to Baltimore. I hope the rest of the trip today is a smoother ride than yesterday.


Susan said...

Yikes, Joe. I hope you got a good night's sleep in Baltimore. Safe travels getting back to Vermont today. <3

bignate said...

Sorry you had to endure our terrible traffic. The system is so overtaxed that if there is any issue on the Beltway they might as well just shut down the roads leading into and out of the District.

Dave R said...

You should try leaving DC after a Redskin's game..... s...l...o...w