Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Yesterday, I finally finished teaching my online course. I had signed up for one more term before I found out how demanding the people at this school are. I should have known when the class to be able to teach was such a pain in the ass that teaching for them would be likewise. The new term starts September 3, and I am not looking forward to it, but an obligation is an obligation.


Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Heh. I feel you. My semester started last week and I can't get used to it.
Good luck!

JiEL said...

With such cute students, I wouldn't mind them to be more asking.

I was teaching is a boys private high school for 17 years and I enjoyed each days of it because those students were intelligent and loved to come in my fine art classroom. They were challenging with each of their own artworks and it was nice to help them too.

Teaching isn't always easy but can give you rewarding experiences.

Dave R said...

I took one online class and it was.... excruciating!

Bill M said...

In my several decades of college teaching, I taught, a number of years ago, only one online course, and it was . . . excruciating!

Like you, Joe, I thought beforehand that it would be a relatively easy thing (just do it in my spare time! LOL). I hated it! No face-to-face contact with students, which I enjoy. The course was pre-built by an outside company. I had no say in it, no advance preview, and it was totally not the way I teach. In the classroom, I emphasize concepts, thinking, analyzing, etc. This course was all about memorizing tons of facts: names, dates, etc., followed up by timed quizzes on all these facts, along with writing assignments on inane and boring topics. I felt bad for the students. What a way to turn them off to the subject and to learning in general! Ugh! Never again!

Best of luck and warm wishes for the coming semester! Sounds like you're enjoying your museum work, though!