Wednesday, February 6, 2019


I admit it. I’ve been stressed lately. We have the traveling exhibition, our new year long exhibition at the museum that opens next week. Then there are the public programs that I’m working on and the classes that I am teaching. There’s a lot going on. If I had the money, I’d just skip away this weekend to Montreal, but that will have to wait until March, I think. I’ve been going to bed early lately, mainly because I am tired or have a headache. This afternoon, I have an appointment with a physical therapist to work on my neck and shoulder pain. It’s also supposed to help with my headaches, I sure hope it works.


bignate said...

I think the weather has played into my stress. I was in bed at 8:30 last night.

Joe said...

The weather has definitely been a factor. This winter has been like a bad date, it came on too strong and came too early. I'm ready for it to be over with.

Dave R said...

... I hate to tell you, but that's not stress. Nope, in fact that's a lot closer to what I might call the 'comfort zone.'