Friday, February 8, 2019


Work has been super busy. We have a new exhibit opening next week, and everyone is working all out to get it done. There is still a lot to do before we are finished. I spent yesterday helping dress mannequins. I’m not sure what today will bring. I know I have an impact report to write. I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to write it, but I’m told it’s not too difficult and that I have a template to go by. There’s definitely a lot going on.

By the way, the picture above has nothing to do with work. I just liked it.


JiEL said...

TGIF = That Guy Is Fabulous …….

I remember being that fit when I was 19yo and always being in the swimming pool to play water polo and being in the swimming team. I was even doing scuba diving with big bottles of oxygen. My perfume was «chlorine» in those times… LOL!
I was as fit as this cuty then.

bignate said...

That's a great pic

Dave R said...

Ahh, the joy of Spandex.