Thursday, July 11, 2019

Working Order

All my complaints yesterday are pretty much in working order again, except for my ear. At one point yesterday the pain became almost unbearable. I had to cancel my hair appointment and my date. I also had to call my doctor. I needed to know if they could do anything about the pain or give me some advice. He said to keep an ice pack on it and to keep taking pain medicine on a regular basis. Basically, don’t let the pain relief from Tylenol or Advil wear off. They also moved up my appointment from 3 pm to 10:45 am today. I’m assessing how I feel right now, and will decide soon if I will go to work or not this morning. If all is okay after the doctor’s appointment, I may go in then, but it’s according to the pain level.


JiEL said...

What an attractive and gorgeous butt here…. YUMMY!

Climb every mountain….. LA LA LA LA….

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe, I am so sorry for you, since ear infections are both very painful and dangerous. I do hope that the doctor can deal swiftly and effectively with the problem. Keep us informed. Roderick

Anonymous said...

I am glad you went to the doctor. I hope it was not shingles or something more serious. Let us know how you are doing!

- Your Friendly Bloggerhood Nurse Practitioner ;-)