Monday, August 26, 2019

They’re Back

Today is the first day of classes, which means all the cadets are now back. Some were back last week for Rook Week, but now all civilians and cadets are back and classes begin. We’ll have more traffic in the museum. My civic scholar should return to work soon, and we’ll have our work study student back soon too. Also, the cafes will be open again. However, it also means you have to watch where you walk because Rooks can only walk on the right side of the sidewalk and if you do that, there can be a bottleneck behind you because they can’t ask you to move out of their way. Furthermore, parking will be a pain again. I get there early enough so finding a parking space in the morning isn’t a problem. What is a problem is if you have to move your car at any point during the day. You’ll lose a prime parking space. Anyway, it will mostly be good to have the students back.

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