Monday, October 21, 2019


I made it to Pensacola. It was quite a trip down. Yesterday was so crazy, I never got a chance to post a devotional. I got to the airport in what is usually plenty of time. However, there was only one clerk working the Delta counter, and the line was halfway down the airport to check your bags. Luckily, I was Sky Priority and the line was shorter but it still took at least half an hour to check my bag. Then the TSA was down to one machine in security so that took forever. It was also terribly annoying because some guy from New York behind me kept trying to inch in front of me and continually screamed for a TSA manager because he was afraid of missing his flight. Even after being told they were holding the planes he continued to complain loudly. I get very annoyed at impatient people. Finally, I got through security in time to board my 6 am flight at 5:55. We then sat on the plane for over an hour waiting to take off. I got off the plane in Atlanta just in time for my next flight to start boarding. Luckily, we landed at gate B28 and my gate was B27. Sometimes I get lucky. Some people were not as lucky. The lady next to me missed her flight completely, and two other ladies had a flight boarding in ten minutes on concourse D. I hope they made it, but the Atlanta Airport is a big place. Finally though, I got to Pensacola only to find my hotel room wouldn’t be ready for several more hours. Luckily, my parents  were there and we went and had lunch. When we got back, they’d just finished with my room. 

My training classes begin the morning. I sure hope they aren’t boring.


HuntleyBiGuy said...

What an ordeal! I hope your training goes well. And that you can rest. Sometimes being in a hotel can be challenging for sleep. And now you have the CPAP, too, don’t you?

Joe said...

Yes, I do have the CPAP that I’m still getting used to, but I slept ok last night.

Daniel Smith said...

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Anonymous said...

That photo looks like it was done in P-cola during Memorial Day weekend

Anonymous said...