Monday, April 8, 2019

A Monday Off Work

Because I had to work Saturday, I am off today. Usually we take a day off before we work on the Saturday, but last week was so busy, I didn’t have a day I could take off. Therefore, I am off today. I’ve got a lot to do around my apartment, so it will be a busy day. I have a lot to do because I am leaving this Sunday going to Alabama for a week. I knew I had to take some time off in April and again in May because I had some leave time I either had to take or I’d lose it. So for April, I am going home, and in May, I’m taking a trip to Texas to see my best friend. Neither will be an actual vacation for pure pleasure, though I know I will find pleasure in visiting both my family and my best friend. I had originally planned to stay in Vermont for my week in April, but my mother wanted me to come home, so I decided I’d fly to Alabama.

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