Monday, April 22, 2019

Back to Work

Today, it’s back to work. I know I’ll be flooded with emails, and I have a few things to catch up on. It will be a busy day. In fact, I expect it to be a busy week. I will only be in the office three days before I go to New York City for work on Thursday and Friday. Our next traveling show will be in New York in June, and we are going down to assess the exhibit space. While I’d rather stay on vacation, I’m actually looking forward to a busy and exciting week ahead.


JiEL said...

Here Easter Monday is part of Easter holiday.

How come you work on this day?
Is it different in USA?

Joe said...

Some people do get Easter Monday off, some people get Good Friday off, rarely do they get both. The university where I work doesn't give either as a holiday. I would say that the majority of places don't give either day as a holiday anymore. At one time it was common but not now.

JiEL said...

Sorry to know it.

Easter times are a 4 days holiday here in Province of Québec.