Friday, October 9, 2020

Busy Day at Work

At our museum, we are coming up on a significant anniversary of an event in the life of one of the university’s alumni. My boss decided that we needed to have a small ceremony to commemorate the occasion since we are also receiving a priceless artifact in connection. I say it’s invaluable because it is illegal to sell the object we are getting. The family must donate it, and the family is finally ready to give the item to us. I know I am being cagey about this, but it is a big secret, and I can’t even tell you, my readers. 

Late last week, my boss gave me the task of creating an exhibit unveiled at the museum’s ceremony for receiving the object. Let me first say, I am in charge of education and public programs for the museum, not exhibitions. We have someone else that handles the museum’s collection and the exhibitions. However, they decided I was more well-versed in this particular subject than they were, so they tasked me with doing it. Usually, we have months to work on an exhibit. They gave me less than a week, and only four hours at the museum to set it up. Since I work on Thursdays with our exhibits person, yesterday was the only day I had to set it up, since I needed her help to do some of the things only she can do.


I’ve busted my butt getting all of the labels (that’s what museum people call informational panels) written, picking out the other objects that will accompany the new artifact, and put together all of the visuals. As I said, this usually takes weeks, if not months of planning. Yesterday, I was working flat out to get it finished in time. What I ended up being able to do was show the exhibits person my design and give her all the material to be printed. She will be the one to install everything. The preparation is often more work than the execution. She says she will be finished with it on Monday in time for the ceremony.


The problem, though with everything I did yesterday, is that it aggravated my hip. By the end of the day, I was so tired, and my hip hurt so much that I had to go home and rest on a heating pad. Hopefully, when I wake up this morning, it will feel a little better. My hip generally feels better first thing in the morning but begins to hurt as the day progresses. Luckily, I have another appointment with my physical therapist on Monday morning. The ceremony we are preparing for is in the afternoon, and I will be rushed to be at the ceremony and then get to my doctor’s appointment after that. Monday will be another busy day, but hopefully, my doctor will be able to do something about the bursitis in my hip, and I will feel better afterward.


I do have to work today, but I am working from home and can take it easy. I can rest when I need to rest. I won’t be running around the museum, trying to make sure everything is done correctly. I just have to hope that our exhibits person executes my plan as I planned it. What had been done when I left yesterday was looking pretty good. I hope the final product will look as good as I imagine it will.


RB said...

You might have to get a steroid shot into the hip

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a Ton of Good Luck !
"Art "