Monday, April 5, 2021

Busy Week Ahead

I’m going to have a busy week. Today, I have a program for the museum that I am not only hosting, but I’m also one of the presenters. I’ve spent weeks preparing for this program. When I checked yesterday morning, 43 people had signed up for the program. We have presented some great programs, but we’ve never had more than 25 people attend one of our virtual programs. I’m excited and nervous, and I hope that even more will sign up before the program. I also really hope that it goes well, as I do with all programs, but the pressure is a little more since I am one of the two presenters.


Once the program is over, I then have a professional development webinar/panel discussion to attend virtually. One thing this pandemic has done is made professional development more accessible. A few organizations have been doing virtual webinars for a while, but most were not. Now, everyone is doing virtual professional development and conferences out of necessity. Just like my public programs at the museum, I prefer to attend these things in person. I want to see people and have a chance to meet them face to face and not over a webcam, but we do what we have to do. I have had the opportunity to attend more conferences and professional development because I don’t have to worry about travel expenses, but also besides interacting with people, I enjoy traveling. So to increase availability and convenience, organizations have had to sacrifice the perk of traveling to conferences.


Tuesday will be a relatively quiet day, but then Wednesday is possibly the busiest. The day starts with a staff meeting in the morning, followed immediately by a workshop. Hopefully, there is time for lunch before another meeting about an upcoming program for students. The museum is only open to students, faculty, and staff, and few people have come into the museum to see the current exhibit, which we spent months preparing. The exhibit opened just before the pandemic hit, and so few people have seen all of the hard work we put into it. So, we are planning a museum day to try and get students into the museum. We can only have 20 students at a time, and I hope we can get that many to come. I want to have some food for them, which they cannot regularly get while they have been quarantined on campus. I just haven’t figured out what the refreshments will be yet.


Thursday will be the most challenging. I am having a tooth pulled. This tooth has become abscessed several times, and it has had a root canal performed on it. My dentist believes it has a crack in it and will not get any better. It will continue to hurt; it will continue to become infected; it will continue to aggravate the trigeminal nerve in my face. While I would love to keep my tooth, the truth is that not much of the tooth is left after the root canal and the complications afterward. This tooth is likely the cause of the intense pain I have suffered from for the last five or six months. My dentist thinks that pulling this tooth will eliminate the problems with my trigeminal nerve, and my neurologist agrees.


While the tooth extraction is all I have going on Thursday, that should be enough. A tooth extraction is not something you recover from in a few hours. It will take at least 24 hours to return to any normalcy in eating, but it will take several weeks before it is healed enough to replace the tooth. While it is certainly not something I am looking forward to having done, I am looking forward to what we all hope the result will be.


Friday will be a day of rest after a busy week. Next week so far looks much more easygoing, though I will get my second COVID vaccine shot a week from Thursday. I am so excited that I will be fully vaccinated in just a few weeks and know that life returning to normal is on the horizon.


BosGuy said...

Good luck with your presentation and I hope the visit to the dentist is a success and the discomfort does not last long.

Anonymous said...

Poor Joe, what a week of challenges ahead of you - hope all goes well. I will thinking of your on Thursday with the tooth pull and best wishes for both the operation and the recovery, Roderick