Thursday, April 29, 2021


Last night, president Biden gave his first speech before a joint session of Congress, even if it was a smaller crowd than usual. Since Biden became the nominee, I have seen hope in him. While I still wish Pete Buttigieg had been the nominee and was now president, I fully support President Biden. I believe in him. He’s not a perfect man and he admits that, but I do believe he is a genuinely good man. I’ve never felt this way about a president before in my 43 years on this earth. I think there have been presidents who were good men, but I’ve never felt a real hope in a president before Biden. I often find myself getting emotional when I hear him speak. He is what we need in this moment. I hope that parts of this speech will go down in history. I found it one of the most inspirational speeches I’ve heard in American political history. It was a speech of hope, unity, and progress.

The only faltering in my hope is members of the Republican Party. They know what needs to be done, but because it’s not their idea nor their administration, they oppose nearly all of Biden’s agenda. Most Republicans also have no issue with lying, which Senator Tim Scott did numerous times during his rebuttal. Scott claimed America is not racist, that Democrats blocked justice reform, and that Republicans have made voting easier in Georgia. These are so untrue, and it continues to show that Republicans have divorced themselves from truth and reality. It bothers me how much they want to block progress and freedom. In contrast to Biden’s speech, Scott’s speech was one of lies, division, and regression.

In other more personal news, today I am fully vaccinated. It has been two weeks since my second COVID vaccine. I will continue to wear my mask and social distance, but it feels like we are nearing the end of this horrible year. We are still at least several months away from something resembling a return to normalcy. I think it will be at least 2022 before we see real normalcy. If Biden’s opponent had won the election, I don’t think we’d be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. With Biden, we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

Also, I am having times of relatively no pain. I’m not totally pain-free yet, but I am seeing some improvement. For most of the day yesterday, I was feeling pretty good (even though I woke with a headache, it did get better), but by the evening, I was in pain again. I have hope that I am getting better. There is still some swelling that is still aggravating my trigeminal nerve, but the tooth socket is not hurting nearly as much. As I’ve said before, time will tell, but I am hopeful.

My virtual program for the museum yesterday seemed to go as well as could be expected. There was a bit of fumbling with the technology, but it was quickly fixed and things went smoothly. We did run over by about twenty minutes, but people seemed to have enjoyed it. Some even asked for more programs similar to what was presented yesterday, and I do have two in the works for fall. Hopefully, they will be hybrid virtual/in-person programs. Again, time will tell.


JiEL said...

I too watched the State of the Union of Biden on CNN.

As a Canadian, I see that he is trying to put USA in a better position on a local economic, racial and productivity fields. America has to compete with those dictatures countries that are very agressive on international side and trade too.

It's obvious that his more «socialist» views will get the most agressive oppositions from those «Retrumplicons» but hope that their anti-normal «we the people» ideas will open the eyes of those same people that are struggling since 2017 and more during this pandemic. Biden did underling it that he knows how ordinaty people and mostly colored ones are havint even issues to put food on the table of their families.

So many ways USA has to line up with many democratic countries in so many faces of your citizens lives that it seems and impossible task for Biden to do all of what he proposed and mainly because the «neanderthals» Retrumplicons will always oppose to any bills or laws that could help USA's people to be in phase with the 21st century battles.

There is some hope here for sure but Biden will have to battle against those conservatives that are more «regressives».

Many of his social propositions, we, as many countries, have since decades. Like universal health care, medicare, money for parents in regard of the number of their children etc.
Here in Province of Quebec for many years, we have a subsudised day care for kids under 4yo to enable both parents to go to work. They pay only $7 /day /child and now, the federal governement want the other provinces to put in place such program and will pay them to do so.

Our prescription costs are lower than yours because our governement did put laws for it.
I know it because my friends in Delaware told me how much they pay for theirs which are almost the same then mine as we both have diabetes.

Biden has a progressive vision of what USA should be to be competitive in the future but he will have to convince all those dinosaures who are very numerous in your country.

On guns issue, it'll be an eternal battle and such a non sense in USA.
Evangelicals are «pro life» when it comes to abortion but are totaly for the «damn Second Amendment» and support the NRA....

VRCooper said...


I am glad that the program at work went well.

I am also happy to hear that you are feeling better.

With Biden, we know what we were getting and Uncle Joe has risen to the challenge. I have lost hope in the Republican Party. They have no ideas or policies. It is all about culture wars, fear, hate, lies, and gaslighting. I could not bring myself to hear the Republican rebuttal. What I heard of it is par for the course. They think we can't think or discern the truth. Even more, if they repeat a lie often enough it will become so.