Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Bad Mood

I was not in a good mood yesterday. My day started with my boss calling me and telling me that he forgot that a film crew was supposed to be in the museum all day, but that he was home with a sick child and could I go open the museum and babysit them until my other coworker showed up to take over. My boss never cared to tell anybody else at the museum that this filming was taking place, so when my coworker showed up, she had no idea what was going on. She couldn’t do any work because she’s in the process of deinstalling an exhibit and getting ready for the next exhibit but could not do any of that because she couldn’t make any noise because they were filming. I have the disadvantage of being the person who lives closest to work. Whenever they need somebody at the museum quickly, I have to be the one to go. Granted, this was a workday, but it has, at times, been either after hours or on the weekend when they needed somebody to go to the museum for any reason. It always aggravates me because it is like I am on call at all times. It doesn’t happen a lot, but it does happen. I feel like they take advantage of me, and at the same time, I am often left clueless until the last minute about things that are happening at the museum, if I am ever told at all.

Later yesterday, my boss emailed me about taking a work trip in June. A few months ago, he had mentioned me returning some artifacts that we had borrowed from another museum. Still, at the time, it was only going to be me because I'd be fully vaccinated at the time the objects were supposed to be returned. However, now it appears that my boss will be going with me. That part isn't the worst. The worst is that he and another coworker have been planning this trip that I am supposed to take without consulting me in any way. A week or so ago, I had heard from the other coworker that my boss would be going with me, but he had neglected to tell me anything about it. Yesterday, he sprang it on me that he wants to go a particular week in June. I understand that we are scheduling with other people, and we have to go when they want us to go, but he could have been keeping me in the loop about things the whole time. Instead, I have been shut out of the conversation altogether.


He also informed me that he wants to go and come back on the same day. It’s over a four-hour drive one way, plus we have another side trip we have to take to get another artifact from a restoration place. I had understood that I'd be going, spending the night, and coming back the next day. He knows that I have bursitis in my hip and that I have back trouble, and both conditions cause issues with me sitting for long periods. The over four hours there is non-stop one way, I can't sit for four hours straight. We will have to make stops so that I can get up and walk around, which will add even more time to the trip. I'd have rather been able to take my time getting there and not have to hurry back to the museum by the end of the day. I made a similar trip a few years ago when we had to go pick up some donations in Washington, DC. We flew down early one morning, picked up the donated artifacts, and then drove back. We ended up stopping and spending the night in Baltimore because it took so long to get out of the DC metro area. The next day we had to drive from Baltimore to Vermont. We had to drop the artifacts off at the museum then go to Burlington, where my car was at the airport. It was a trip from hell. If I were younger, I could make these trips a lot easier, but I am not young anymore. I'm not old, but dammit, I can't just go like I used to be able to go.


By the way, the week we are supposed to go on this trip is the week of my next set of Botox injections for my migraines. My appointment is Thursday, and I have to drive down to New Hampshire to the Headache Clinic. It’s only an hour, but I refuse to spend all day in a car on Wednesday and then drive an hour to the Headache Clinic the next day. My boss also told me that he could not go on that Monday because it's his daughter's birthday. So, I told him we would have to go on Tuesday. I will not miss my appointment, and if something were to happen that delayed us, we could either spend the night or get back late.


I will probably be taking today as a sick day. I'd planned only to take the morning, but after yesterday, I need a mental health day too. I have to go to the dentist this morning to have a broken tooth filled. Hopefully, he will also look at the sore spot on the side of the tooth socket where they removed the tooth two weeks ago. I have been told I should not still be having pain, but this place is swollen to the size of a split pea and looks dark red, almost purple. I'm just prepared for the rest of today to have a sore mouth. It's going to be hard to eat much besides soup or jello. Dental work: it may be painful, but it makes for an effective diet.


I hope today goes better than yesterday. I was in a foul mood yesterday, and I just couldn't seem to pull myself out of that funk. I don't like being bitchy. I prefer to be a pleasant person. Some days, it's just hard to be pleasant.


Anonymous said...

Poor Joe, he is an absolute loser. Roderick

VRCooper said...

Dear Joe:

I might have to fly in from Denver and give a team meeting/conference/talk on how to manage.

You don't take advantage of staff NEVER! If one is going to have them do something outside of their normal day training, travel, folks coming in to film....You let them know well ahead of time to ensure things can go smoothly. You want to fully address their concerns. Especially if you are traveling as a group. How are we getting there, are there any concerns/accommodations that must be addressed...

Provide me with your boss's work number. I see a lack of respect for staff. Yes, you are the boss and you can do what you want BUT you can't be selfish and only think of what is best for you. This is a team effort. I have been told that I can make my staff do anything. Yes, that is true I can. I just know how to do it with THEM in mind.

Ok!! I am done for now.



Joe said...

Roderick, yes, he is a loser. He basically does nothing in his life without the permission of his wife. His marriage is more of a dictatorship than a marriage, and it bleeds over into our workspace.

Victor, he needs serious management training. His boss is no better, so he has no role model to provide him direction.

RB said...

Get a doctor's note. How can he argue with that?