Sunday, December 4, 2022

Pic of the Day


  1. Thhis is a fascinating picture. I wonder what's going on.

  2. Those cuties are Abercrombie Fitch models and the one on the right is so cute..
    That company is flurting with gay scene and metro sexual people to sell their crap...

  3. This picture is from the "art" book Three,
    by photographer Howard Roffman. Originally
    published in 1996, with a "sequel" Pictures
    of Kris, published in 2002. A video was made
    showing John, Gary and Kris living together
    in London. (I own a paperback ed.) After seeing
    the VHS the sequence of photos made more sense.
    Beautiful book and men!
    (Roffman was a photographer for Studio Bel-Ami).

  4. JiEL you are absolutely right: that guy on the right in the photo is really charming. I would have no problem falling in love with HIM.... I'm telling you in case you know him and want to give him my message.
    I don't quite understand what you're saying about Abercrombie Fitch's business but hey, we can enjoy their photos without having to make a purchase from them.

    mwg1208 Thank you for your explanations. I find it interesting to know that there is not only a book, apparently there is also a VHS edition and that the pictures are really good and nice with some beautiful men... Do you know if there is a Spanish edition?
    I'm afraid that men are going to lead me to total ruin... I'll be looking for a bridge to live under.



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