Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Take the Test

I got:
Gay gay gay.
You've earned your Card. Carry it proudly, you fine queen.

I don't tend to think of myself as "Gay gay gay" but who knows, LOL.

Take the test and see what you get:


M@rvin said...

I got just 44. It said "Your flame is dim, but you've got potential. Keep up the gay work." LOL!

Gay Paradox said...

I got a 40. "Gay-in-training" lol

Jacob Woods said...

lol, I don't even have to take this to know I am gay!

Ace said...

I got a 40 as well. Looks like some of use are still in-training, though I don't think I'll ever dance or use product in my hair...


JoeBlow said...

I do use several hair products, and I dance and sing a lot. My students say that I have a song for everything, which I sort of do, LOL.

And guys that flame will always burn brightly and beautifully, no matter what a test says.

Ace, since you're bi, that number sounds about right, LOL.

fan of casey said...

Joe: You're the winner!

Mack said...

I got a lame, straight 28.
That's ok. It's who I am.

JoeBlow said...


Mack, we should always be proud of who we are.