Tuesday, October 11, 2011



The guilt, the anguish, the torture and the pain
I've struggled with this demon, always knowing it was in vain
Once a free spirit, a picture of joy, 
but the mask I have worn, I now have to destroy.
The awful lies and continuous deception,
Destined to be ruined by my own self-destruction
But the time has come to face the truth of my soul
I won’t be consumed by the decay of this black hole.
Before you judge me please hold on to this thought:
I am still the same person; it was never your fault.
I have come to accept who I am today
Please do the same mother, father; I am gay.

SourceAFTERELLEN.COM Acceptance - My "coming out" poem


becca said...

WOW what a powerful and heartfelt poem.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing it.
Peace <3

silvereagle said...

From the heart!!!

fan of casey said...

Go Joe!

JoeBlow said...

Becca, I agree. I loved this poem when I came across it, and it was perfect for National Coming Out Day.

Thanks, Jay. I thought it was pretty awesome when I found it too.

Silvereagle, I have never read a coming out poem that captured so well the feelings one goes through so.

Thanks, FOC. I'm glad you enjoyed it.