Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween: Cheap Costume Idea

My favorite holiday of the year is Halloween. It's the day when we don't have to wear our masks anymore. I think that this is the reason why it has long been a favorite holiday for gay men. Happy Halloween...I hope you get a TRICK and a TREAT.

If I were dressing up for Halloween (I'm teaching tonight, so no partying), my cheap costume might have been "Safe Sex Worker."

I'd raid my home improvement tool box for tool belt, knee pads and hard hat. I'd raid my bedside table toy box for dildo, condoms and lube. Mark the dildo with 1" increments and put in hammer strap of tool belt. Other pockets hold condoms and lube.

Then print up business cards:

Safe Sex Worker
Hand Jobs - Blow Jobs
Pay by the inch or by the job

I'd dress in a blue collar shirt, jock, jeans, knee pads, tool belt and boots.

I'd pass out the cards. Use my measuring dildo for estimates. Where I would go from there is up to how the night progressed. Keep it safe.

What are you going to be for Halloween? (By the way, I actually went as the devil this year.)


SPECIAL NOTE TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE LEFT COMMENTS/SENT EMAILS IN THE LAST WEEK OR SO:  I have to apologize for not answering comments and/or emails in a while.  I have been incredibly busy for the past week or so and basically just doing my best to post something each day.  My free time has been spent trying to get a little rest.  Hopefully, things will start to settle down a bit and I can answer all the comments that have been left.  Please keep the comments coming, I read each and every one of them, and eventually, I will respond to all of them.


Writer said...

Apparently a friend of mine saw a girl who'd stuffed her bra full of spices...she was a spice rack. LMAO.

AND do you have any discount days??

Sorry so busy. It's all good.

silvereagle said...

Do you work on days other than Halloween? I really do need a handyman to make a house call, any evening will be fine. Just drop a note and let me know when you have an opening. :-) :-)

fan of casey said...

Joe: You need to add a promise to your business card. "Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back". :-)

Anonymous said...

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