Friday, October 21, 2011

LGBT History Month Icons Oct. 19th - 21st

Michael Kirby - Wednesday, October 19th

“If every gay person in Australia stood up and said this is me, get over it, the whole shabby charade would be finished.”
Michael Kirby is the world’s first openly gay justice of a national supreme court. More

Victoria Kolakowski - Thursday, October 20th

"I have been very fortunate to have a successful career as a public servant, and I feel an obligation to serve my community as a role model as well.”
Victoria Kolakowski is the first openly transgender person to be elected a trial judge in the United States. More

Dave Kopay - Friday, October 21st

“I hear from people all over the world that my coming out has empowered them in their search for self.”
Dave Kopay is the first NFL payer and one of the first professional athletes to come out. More


silvereagle said...

Thanks for this series...some of the persons highlighted I have heard of, most of whom are unknown - at least before the postings here!

Anonymous said...

I second silvereagle's comment: Thank you for this series. It has made me feel better about myself, and has bolstered my resolve to continue to come out more and more.

If people like this can be out, so can little ol' insignificant me.

Peace <3

Will said...

Delighted to see your posting of the Opera Boston poster! We're very proud of OB here, a beautifully run company that does interesting repertory with excellent musical standards.