Friday, October 28, 2011

LGBT History Month Icons Oct. 26th - 28th

Dan Savage - Wednesday, October 26th
“I thought, when I was a kid, that my mother and father would be devastated if I ever told them I was gay.”

Dan Savage is an award-winning author and journalist. He launched the “It Gets Better” video project to combat bullying and prevent LGBT teen suicides. More

Amanda Simpson - Thursday, October 27th
“I'd rather not be the first but someone has to be.”

Amanda Simpson, the first openly transgender female presidential appointee, holds a top-level position in the U.S. Department of Defense. More

Wanda Sykes - Friday, October 28th
“They pissed off the wrong group of people. Instead of having gay marriage in California, we’re going to get it across the country.”

Wanda Sykes is an Emmy Award-winning comedian and actor praised for being one of the most entertaining women of her generation. More


becca said...

i love wanda sykes she is a funny lady and knows how to get a point across

silvereagle said...

JoeBlos---Thanks again for this (to me at least) largely unknown is very useful!