Monday, October 31, 2011

LGBT History Month Icons Oct. 29th - 31st

Lilli Vincenz - Saturday, October 29th
“We were laying the groundwork for what we hoped would be later activism that would give homosexuals equal rights.”
Lilli Vincenz is a Gay Pioneer. Each July 4th from 1965 to 1969, she participated in the Annual Reminders at Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell that launched the LGBT civil rights movement. More

Virginia Woolf - Sunday, October 30th
“Language is wine upon the lips.”
Virginia Woolf was an accomplished 20th century English author. She published nearly 500 essays and nine novels. More

Pedro Zamora - Monday, October 31st
“As gay young people, we are marginalized. As young people who are HIV-positive and have AIDS, we are totally written off.”
Pedro Zamora was an AIDS activist who appeared on MTV’s “The Real World.” He brought national attention to HIV/AIDS and LGBT issues. More

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silvereagle said...

And, so the postings of the month end, but the information you have presented in this series will live on and hopefully will inspire others of us, not for the purpose of being mentioned here some day, but soley for the benefit of our fellow man....Thanks!!!