Friday, November 18, 2011

Bob Smith

The church says we should get down on our knees and repent. Well, excuse me, but didn't being on my knees cause most of my sins? -- Bob Smith
My high school had a Head Start program for homosexuals, it was called Drama Club. -- Bob Smith
In college I experimented with heterosexuality: I slept with a straight guy. I was really drunk. -- Bob Smith

Bob Smith is an American comedian and author. Smith, born in Buffalo, New York, was the first openly gay comedian to appear on The Tonight Show and the first openly gay comedian to have his own HBO half-hour comedy special. Smith, along with fellow comedians Jaffe Cohen and Danny McWilliams, formed the comedy troupe "Funny Gay Males" in 1988.

With Funny Gay Males, Smith is the co-author of Growing Up Gay: From Left Out to Coming Out (1995). Smith is also the author of two books of biographical essays. Openly Bob (1997) received a Lambda Literary Award for best humor book. Way to Go, Smith! (1999) was nominated for a Lambda in the same category. Smith published his first novel, Selfish and Perverse, in 2007.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading some contemporary gay authors at the moment, and can't believe it took me this long to start. Now I've got another one to put on the list.
Thanks! Now to see if I can find his TV shows somewhere out there.
Peace <3

Loki's Log said...

Great post and rec!

tamayn said...

I thought I remembered him from somewhere. It's been forever since I saw Funny Gay Males. I miss the early days of the internet.