Saturday, November 26, 2011

Moment of Zen: Football

It's Rivalry Saturday, the day when all the big rivals play football.  You can be sure that I will be watching football today, and as you may can tell by the picture above, this is a major reason I love football.  Who couldn't love how a pair of football pants fits the players just so.

The big rivalry game I will be watching this year is Auburn v. Alabama. (Kickoff is at 2:30 CST.)  And just for Theaterdog (from a fellow alumni) War Eagle!!!  Hopefully, we will beat Alabama this year, though with the way we've been playing it doesn't look too likely.


tamayn said...

This is one day I can truly say I'm happy to not be in Columbus. You can only see Muck Fichigan on a shirt so many times before it's unoriginal. Since I'm from the Northwest part of Ohio though, I have a few friends that are Michigan fans too. None of there stuff seems as clever though.

Loki's Log said...

Nothing better than a holiday weekend full of football. Pros early in the holiday, college to follow and back to the pros on Sunday. Perfect afternoon -- watching games commando in a well-worn pair of sweats, rubbin out a few loads in between plays and naps.

silvereagle said...

War Eagle!!! I wish for an upset over Alabama, but fear it is not in the cards...but who knows...remmber the 17-16 Eagle victory several years was the same set up as this....So, WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!

One thing for sure, we have won with the photo you have posted! Hot, young man for sure...\

LOL - My pass word for today is that really "ass kickin!" LOL

fan of casey said...

Joe: VJSL -- visible jockstrap lines, quite enticing. Hope all goes well for the big game.

. said...

Hey, nice picture of the football player Joe...I'm not sure which team, Alabama or Auburn has the sexier players. I gave up after Brody Croyle. And whatever that guy was that quarterbacked for Auburn. I do hope for an upset...And War Eagle. They deserve to win...just to prove the coach in Alabama can get paid lots of money but not win every time!

Anonymous said...

Marshall won! YAY!!! Bowl eligible!

Peace <3

silvereagle said...

Just wait for next year, 'Bama...just wait!!!