Friday, November 2, 2012

3 Reasons Life Actually Does Get Better

In the last year or so, you've no doubt heard "It gets better" used as a motto to encourage gay teens who've been the victims of bullying. Well, we all know that life gets hard at times, sometimes for no reason as the graphic above says. So here are five things to always keep on mind.

#3.  The Money Situation Will Improve (Even if it Doesn't)

I'm not saying you'll be rich someday. I'm saying it's really not about money. It's about freedom.  As a private school teacher who just barely gets by from paycheck to paycheck, it has to be about something more than money.

#2. You Will Find Someone
You have to relax. It turns out some lessons taught by romantic comedies aren't full of crap. Concentrate on taking care of yourself first, because 90 percent of a relationship's success is a matter of maturing into the type of person other people want to be around.
If you get more comfortable with yourself, you stop trying so hard, you get more relaxed and don't feel like you have to work so hard to hide your true self. You don't stop looking for someone, I don't mean that; you just stop hating yourself so hard for not finding them. I know it sounds like a Catch-22, but it's the lack of self-hatred that will make you attractive.

#1. The World isn't as Bad as You Think

When you're a kid, your parents shelter you from the worst of what's really going on in the world. As you get older, your worldview changes and expands. You start to think outside of your own town and social circle. You'll see a lot of bad news. Violence, government scandals, wars over seemingly petty bullshit. At some point (usually in your college years) you have gotten cynical. And at some later point, hopefully, you lose that cynicism.

Life gets better because you're going to make it better. Because you'll have the power and the freedom to make it better.


Johnny Clinn said...

Thanks. I needed that. At 27 I'd consider myself an adult (almost) by now, but even when things start falling into place it's easy to get discouraged, especially when there are hiccups along the way. Thank you for the reminder. :)

silvereagle said...

Accurate, Concise, Precise!!!

Anonymous said...

Perfect! Now do a video and send it to It Gets Better! Just say these things! It'll go viral!

Peace <3

Will said...

I think Jay M. has a great idea -- I read through your three points and thought, How very rational!

MissMiriam said...

I agree with you on cynicism. I used to be a proud cynic but now I realize it was really just me coping with my bitterness. All that has passed now and I appreciate things for what they are instead of be so negative.