Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

Did anyone go to the Black Friday sales? Did you find any great bargains?

I stayed home and slept late.  This is really my only day that I have nothing to do, so I decided to be lazy and enjoy it.


silvereagle said...

We think the same way....stayed home, relaxed,and am enjoying the nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Stayed home, slept late, finally went out for lunch with friends, so a very nice, quiet Friday. My brother just got in from work, so we'll probably do something later on.

Glad you had a nice day!
Peace <3

Will said...

We had to go to a Mall to put Fritz's computer in for repair, but we stayed away from any kind of retail. It was a long wait for parking and we'd done at least 50% of our Christmas shopping already, so the frenzy just didn't interest us.

brotherdoc said...

No actual shopping but I admit I have been tempted by a couple of online offers! I support boycott of Walmart, period, try never to go there in any season. With close family now we make donations in each others' names to worthy charities at Christmas rather than exchange "stuff" (except maybe for some home made special food items or such). My siblings live at some distance and so we don't get together on holidays with the regularity we did when my mom was still living. I'm OK with that actually.